Frequently Asked Questions

If you are attending your first performance at the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra, below are some answers to frequently asked questions to help make your experience more enjoyable.
How do I purchase tickets to a performance?
It’s easy! Tickets to all VSO performances are available online or by calling (360) 735-7278.

Tickets may also be purchased at the concert hall beginning one hour prior to the performance.

Ticket Prices*:
Reserved - $52
General - $40
Senior (62+) - $36
Students - $10

*Please note there is an additional $2.50 processing fee per ticket.
Can I bring my kids?
Children 6 years and older are welcome at all VSO concerts with a purchased ticket*.
However, the VSO offers multiple in-school concerts and music opportunities for children of all ages. For more information please call our office at (360) 735-7278.

*Students 18 & under or with a valid student ID are eligible for discounted tickets.
How early should I arrive?
We encourage guests to arrive one hour prior to each concert to attend our pre-concert talk.
For guests not attending the pre-concert talk, we recommend arriving 30 minutes early. This leaves time to park in our free parking lot, pick up tickets from will call, shop at the VSO store, find your seat and learn more about the concert in the program notes.
Can I use my phone in concerts?
Use of audio and video recording devices is prohibited.
What if I arrive late?
If the doors are closed when you arrive, our volunteer ushers will show you into the hall at the next suitable break in the program so as to not disrupt the performers. Depending on the concert program, this usually will be in between pieces or at intermission. Guests who leave the hall before or during a piece will be reseated after the completion of the work.
What should I wear?
There is not dress code at VSO concerts. Casual everyday clothing is fine but if you want to dress up for a night out go for it!
How long are concerts?
Each VSO concert is different, but most last two hours and include a 15-minute intermission during which guests can chat, enjoy a drink or snack and shop at the VSO store if they would like.
All VSO concert venues are accessible to individuals with disabilities. If you have specific questions or concerns about attending one of our concerts, please call our office at (360) 735-7278.