Margaret McShea, Principal bassoon

The VSO “Goes Back To The Movies!” With Live Musical Accompaniment
March 21, 2018
Dr. Angelika Furtwangler, viola
Dr. Angelika Furtwangler, Principal viola
April 3, 2018

Margaret hails from Texas, where she received a bassoon performance degree from the University of Texas in Austin.

Margaret McShea, bassoon


She and her trombonist husband, Greg Scholl, moved to the Pacific Northwest and are never moving again!

Margaret has been The VSO’s principal bassoon since 1995, and performs with other regional symphonies, including Columbia Symphony and Portland Festival Symphony. A well-rounded musician, Margaret also plays the piano and banjo and had “a brief dalliance with the alto sax in junior high,” but feels the bassoon is the right fit for her, which is good for us.

When not playing music and working as a law firm administrator, she’s in the great outdoors, gardening or camping and hiking with family and friends.